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  • How to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey

    In addition to their prayers, all Catholics in the 11-county Diocese of Rockford here in Northern Illinois are being asked to financially give what they can to help relief efforts following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana 

    Bishop David Malloy said in a letter sent Tuesday, Aug. 29 to all 105 parishes today that “Hurricane Harvey has created an unprecedented and catastrophic weather event of immense proportions with extreme damage and further anticipated suffering.” Because of that, Bishop Malloy requested every parish to take up a second collection at all Masses celebrated on September 2 and 3, 2017. 

    Money collected at the Masses will be used both to support the humanitarian and recovery efforts of Catholic Charities USA, and, to provide pastoral and rebuilding support to all impacted dioceses through the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

    If you are unable to attend Mass in the diocese this holiday weekend, your contribution can be sent to:

    Hurricane Harvey Relief
    Diocese of Rockford
    P.O. Box 7044
    Rockford, Illinois 61125
  • A Letter about the future of Catholic Education on the West Side of Rockford

    Click here to see the letter sent about our efforts to secure Catholic Education for students on the West Side of Rockford.

  • St. Bernadette 
    Purgatorial Society

    The St. Bernadette Purgatorial Society is a pious association dedicated to assisting the poor souls in Purgatory. Under the patronage of our Lady of Lourdes a Mass is offered monthly along with any prayers and acts of charity (that you choose) for all the deceased enrolled in the St. Bernadette Purgatorial Society. 

    Once a month the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered at St. Bernadette Church for our deceased loved ones enrolled in the society registry.

    For more information visit the Purgatorial Society page.


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