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  • State of Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Information

    Are you a donor or parent interested in learning more about the new State of Illinois tax credit scholarship program?  Click here.

  • A Letter about the future of Catholic Education on the West Side of Rockford

    Click here to see the letter sent about our efforts to secure Catholic Education for students on the West Side of Rockford.

  • St. Bernadette 
    Purgatorial Society

    The St. Bernadette Purgatorial Society is a pious association dedicated to assisting the poor souls in Purgatory. Under the patronage of our Lady of Lourdes a Mass is offered monthly along with any prayers and acts of charity (that you choose) for all the deceased enrolled in the St. Bernadette Purgatorial Society. 

    Once a month the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered at St. Bernadette Church for our deceased loved ones enrolled in the society registry.

    For more information visit the Purgatorial Society page.


  • Catholic Link